Stage 4 now under earthworks

South Coast Land for Sale | Stage 4 Now Selling

For those who love small historical towns with a vibrant village atmosphere, you must see this. Your new home in Milton will be surrounded by living history, a rich culture, a delightful choice of colourful shops, fascinating galleries and lively eateries.

Milton is an attractive township full of character, thanks to the distinctive 1800s architecture, flow of visitors and quality of gift shops, cafes, antiques and craft outlets. All it needs is you!

There are also the community services you’d expect from any regional town, such as medical practitioners and support services, schools, clubs and community interest groups.

Cork’s Hill new land release is superbly located within a short walk to Milton. Build your new home here for the relaxed lifestyle, but stay for the convenience!


Prices range from
$275K to $299K

With Stage 1, 2 & 3 already sold, Stage 4 is now selling, with Stages 5 & 6 to go on sale soon.

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